Fox is looking for um…prey :v




Excuse me everyone here is wrong

Cry doesn’t have blonde or brunette hair.

His hair is actually a rainbow. A literal rainbow. He has a pot of gold taped to his ass permanently as a result. It upsets him.

He also has 12 arms and a pegleg


he be a black mothefucker too


Snake!Cry is growing onto me,and I don’t mind it at all B)
sSSsssuuupp~ i doodled a Snake!Cry with a Snake!Sup on his shoulder c:
//has there been a snake!cry before…eh enjoy anyways^^
This doodle would’ve been great for summer…god i miss summer
The PIZZA is here!!
SupCat is so happy >w
Me~ow man its Cat!Cry,there’s some mistakes but meh…enjoy anyways
I did Zuko with palette 45 :>
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